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Interpreter, Traveller, Mother and now Photographer

I am 38 years old. I live in Northern Italy, near Milan.
After spending more than 10 years abroad working as a tour leader and guide for the main European tour-operators, I finally settled down: husband, daughter, dog...all at once!

I first took a picture at the age of 10 when I won a little kodak camera at a local lottery: it was the SIGN! I immediately fell in love with photography: recording ordinary life moments was my first ambition... Travelling has given me the chance to see different places and cultures...and record them as well.

Now as a mother I have discovered the world of children: a truly amazing sensible world.


are my last hobby work.
I produce and sell through schools or direct to privates custom Calendars and whishing cards for any occasion.

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the job of a photographer

Actually, it isn't a job for me, but a pleasure. Sometimes you get a different side of the reality through the viewfinder: plain things can get exciting.  I happen to notice things that some other won't and the excitment is about the people's statments: "I hadn't thought it could be the object of a picture" Let's see the world in all the possible different ways...